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IFC V – Live from Berlin

Erstellt am: 15.06.16

meinsportradio goes dot com! For the very first time we could present you a live-sports event in English. Joel Stonington and Svetlana Stepalova introduce you to the world of chessboxing and tell you everything of the Intellectual Fight Club V. Three fights were carried out: Thomas Cazeneuve (FRA) vs. Igor Orlov (RUS), Luis Niedermeier (GER) vs. Daniil Soloviov and Kourosh Toloei (IRA) vs. Dmitry Pechurin (RUS).

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WHO, HOW, WHERE and WHY? History, rules and all about the individual fighters. Presented by the founder Iepe Rubingh and Konrad Oeckel.


Live-Sport und Interessantes aus der Welt der Trendsportart Schachboxen. Die WERs, WIEs, WOs und WARUMs Kämpferportraits, Historie und das Regelwerk des Schachbox-Sports bringen Dir der Gründer Iepe Rubingh und Konrad Oeckel näher.