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Chip & Charge – The English version

Erstellt am: 27.04.17

Welcome to this special episode of Chip & Charge – recorded live in Stuttgart, in English and with esteemed guest Rene Denfeld. We sat down for a 40 minute chat on the Porsche Grand Prix’s first three and a half days, Maria Sharapova and to round it off a longer discussion on the state of tennis in Germany. How is Angelique Kerber being perceived in her home country? What to make of Kerber’s year and the expectations being put on her? And the big question: Is Stuttgart’s success an exception or are well organised and attended tournaments like the Porsche Grand Prix possible in other parts of the country as well?

Unfortunately we had a few technical difficulties which might hamper the enjoyment of the first 20 minutes a little bit. We had lots of fun nonetheless and will be back on Sunday to wrap up this year’s edition of the Porsche Grand Prix. Until then have a great rest of the week.

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Chip & Charge

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